Integrated ICT Platform

Backbase data-entry system

–          Multidimensional product & price configurator

–          Incorporating any type of product cost price variable to personalize a product

–          Supporting any number of suppliers and respective cost price calculation models

–          Flexible, centrally organized data amendment

–          Multilingual

Self-supporting webstores

–          Multidimensional configurator to build a personalized product and offer

–          Extensive search options

–          Shop-in-shop concept


–          Organizing all aspects of the business in one centralized location

–          Allocating processes within workflow individually

–          Saving time, peace of mind, service customers and better results



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The shortest lines ...

–          All-in-one sourcing

–          Sourcing across the border, beyond customer arm’s reach

–          Serving any customer interest

–          Wide product ranges, deep assortments, comprehensive mix

–          Benefit from market power

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Backoffice services

We complement ICT with the core process of handling and executing customer orders.

–          Administration

–          Planning, design and production

–          Content management

–          Distribution and warehousing

–          Packing, shipping and processing

–          Purchasing and sourcing


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